Designing a palm-anchored AR interface for wellness




1 week

Project Type

AR UX Design and Prototype


Passthrough, Body-anchored UI, Gestural Interaction


Ideation, Prototyping


Aria Xiying Bao, Meijie Hu, Yubo Zhao


AcupressureAR is a guided acupressure experience in AR that promotes traditional healing therapy as a simple everyday well-being routine.


Acupressure is an ancient healing art based on the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture. Acupoints on your hands reflect different parts of your body, and massaging these points regularly have shown empirically to help release muscle tension, alleviate diseases symptoms and promote holistic wellbeing. A study at University of Michigan showed that acupressure improves co-occuring symptoms in cancer survivors.



How might we design an acupressure experience that is easy to learn and practice as a routine?


User Experience Flow

The user experienced is centered around the AR hand interface, which is the dashboard where reminders, community routines, and connected health data work together to provide a wellness experience.

AR Hand Dashboard Flow


Acupressure powered by hand-tracking in AR

Remembering the location of the pressure points has never been easier when the user can see them overlayed on the palm.

Daily reminders informed by health data

Connect with other health data such as sleep tracking to allow for coordinated wellness reminders.

Next Steps

Personalized Heatmap

We intend to add a heatmap to better inform users about their acupressure history so that users have a better understanding of their health status. Through heatmap visualization, we also provide detailed health analysis and customized recommendations for more daily acupressure routines and well-being suggestions.

Wellness Community

Share and learn about other member's routines by simply tapping the palm-based interface. Users can subscribe to the routines they are interested in and encourage each other to continue to engage in healthy exercises.

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Davide Zhang © 2016 - 2023. All Rights Reserved.

Davide Zhang © 2016 - 2023. All Rights Reserved.